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Make a Moss Pie

If you have some plastic clamshell containers from fruit or lettuce they make perfect containers for "Moss Pies." The ones to use have holes in the bottom and have lids that can be closed, turning them into mini greenhouses.

You Will Need:

  • Clean plastic containers with covers (lettuce, berry, spinach containers work well)

  • A plate or another plastic tray to put under your moss pie to catch water

  • Some stones or pebbles

  • A little extra soil

  • Different mosses from your backyard or the trails


Line the bottom of the container with the stones for drainage. Put some soil over the stones and then place your pieces of moss on top of the soil. Notice the different textures and different shades of green. You may even have some tiny plants growing out of the moss.

You will have to sprinkle water on the moss when it starts to get dry. Try closing the lid at night to keep everything moist. Watch your Moss Pie and see what happens!


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