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Third House Nature Center has entered into an agreement with the Suffolk County Parks Department to "adopt" the Park's Big Reed Pond Nature Trails. The Parks Department has not been able to fully staff their Montauk Park for several years and during that time period the Park's Nature Trails have suffered by not being properly maintained. At this point benches, foot bridges and instructional signage is, in many places, in desperate need of repair. Additionally wind blown brush, tree limbs and last season's overgrowth similarly require attention.


Beginning this spring we will regularly walk the trails assessing their condition and then planning for the necessary repairs. Third House Nature Center would like to encourage other friends of the Park to join us in this effort. We hope to establish an email list that would include the names of anyone who might care to become a part of a network of individuals who could assist, on a strictly voluntary basis, in seeing to it that the Nature Trails remain in good condition and continue to be a focal point for hikers and naturalists. Projects will vary and will often take only a short amount of time to complete (cutting and dragging brush etc.) because the work will be done incrementally on a regular basis.


Anyone interested in helping with this continuing project can contact us below, or Ed Johann directly at

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