Senior Internship Program


The Senior Internship Program has been generously sponsored by the Garden Club of East Hampton since 2012. Every Sunday throughout the school year, we spend structured time in the park studying the pond and gathering data about its environs. 

Junior Internship Program


April 2019 commences the NEW junior internship program. Third House Nature Center is delighted to partner again with The Garden Club of East Hampton for an internship with select juniors from the East Hampton High School to study the flora and history of the David’s Lane Nature Trail in East Hampton Village.


The junior internship encompasses two main study focuses; an historical review of the Nature Trails, and an inventory of the existing flora. In 1934 and 1936 two Garden Club of East Hampton members, Mrs. Woodhouse and Mrs. Donoho, gave on-loan land between Fithian and David Lanes to be maintained as a nature preserve for the purpose of studying wild flowers and the use of school children in the study of nature. The Garden Club built simple bridges and paths throughout the area.  In 1951 the land was deeded to the Village. Currently there are 28 acres comprising a continuous strip of wetlands from Fithian to Davids Lane. 

The students will access the East Hampton Library’s Long Island Collection to investigate the East Hampton Historical Society and Guild Hall archives for any historical documentation of the site. Other available works to be consulted are Anna Vail’s 1895 description of the plants growing in the area, Ellen R. Samuels 1994 history of the Nature Trail and Bird Sanctuary, written for “East Hampton Invents the Culture of Summer,” a symposium held at Guild Hall, and Mrs. Hollingsworth Siter’s article from the Garden Club of America Bulletin, March 1959. Julie Sakellariadis will supervise this stage of the work. A report will be prepared to present the findings of this research.


A complete botanical survey of the plants of the Nature Trail will be assembled. Victoria Bustamante will work with the students to identify and inventory the existing plants which presently inhabit the Nature Trails area. Specimens will be collected and pressed to create herbarium sheets for a baseline historical reference.

We are thrilled to begin this new internship with the already seasoned juniors; Henry Garneau, Mikela Junemann, and Molly Mamay. This trio has been working with THNC since October 2018 as part of our environmental study of the Big Reed area in the Montauk County Park.