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Trace It - Ace it

Sometimes we don’t draw things because we're afraid we won’t get it right. Tracing is a good way to practice drawing! You can get the overall size and shape of the different parts of something, say a bird. Tracing is one way to observe something closely while not being concerned about how “good” your drawing is. Once you’ve traced something a few times it will be easier to draw it freehand, kind of like using training wheels on a bike. It’s worth a try! Graphic artists sometimes use light-boxes but windows make great light-boxes!

You’ll Need:

  • · A picture from a magazine or newspaper that you can tear out

  • Tape – masking tape works well but you can use regular tape

  • · A piece of paper the same size as the picture you are tracing. Regular printer paper works well

  • · A pencil


Tape your picture to a window and then tape the copy paper over it and start tracing, going slowly.

You can try drawing it freehand now or practice tracing it a few times. Add details you might have missed while tracing.

And remember, drawing takes practice so enjoy the ride!

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