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Painting the Flora and Colors of Fall

Monday, November 7, 10am -12:30

at Third House, Montauk

In this workshop we'll work indoors, studying plant materials of the season: colored leaves, dried seed pods and berries, grasses. Making botanical paintings of these nature forms will inform students of the details of nature, which can be applied to landscape painting.

We'll work in gouache paint, painting from life, and also be inspired by the beautiful colors and shapes of nature in the late fall, looking out our picture windows.

Montauk Painting Day is led by Barbara Thomas. Barbara has been a plein air landscape painter all her life, and has been teaching painting and art making practice at leading institutions for over 20 years. Please visit some of her art projects at and

Please register for this workshop with Kathy Havlik at

$65 per student

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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